This year's Gala was fantastic!  The children were phenomenal as they sang and danced to the delight of the audience.  The props were first-class and the whole evening ran smoothly thanks to Barbara Rocktoff and to all who worked on the Gala Committee to make the event an enjoyable experience.

We thank the Morning Star Sensations for their superb performance and for their many hours of practice and the commitment of their parents.  Kudos to Ms. Daly, Mrs. Smutko and Ms. Snyder for arranging and choreographing such a wonderful program of music and dance and for their long hours of devotion to the children of Morning Star School. 

We also wish to thank Emily Rocktoff (Morning Star Alumna) for suggesting that we use a Sports Theme for this year's event.  Way to go Emily!

And, we offer up a special "Thank You" to those that made donations to the silent auction and to all who came out to support this very special fundraiser!  Without your support, this musical experience and other learning opportunities would not be available to our students.

Now, Some Pictures of our Gala Performers and of our Host Chris Fields...