all Parents - Important Information




After you have applied and been accepted to attend Morning Star, you must pay an enrollment fee, academic/activity fees and parent auxiliary dues.  If you have not been billed for these items, contact Mrs. Pat Gramer in the office. 

You should have also received an email with a link to your Enrollment Form.  Please complete this form and submit it so that student and parent information can be brought up to date. 

An email from FACTS Tuition Management was sent to you with FACTS registration information.  Register and login to FACTS using the information provided in the email, and set up your tuition payment plan.  Please do this as soon as possible.  The office will not be able to accept tuition payments directly.


You should have received an email from Sign-Up Genius on July 13th asking you to make a 20-minute appointment with Mrs. Pat Gramer to confirm your registration.  If you do not have access to the internet or cannot come in during the week of July 24th, call the school to make an appointment Prior to your Registration Confirmation appointment, you will need to fill out some additional forms which are listed below. 

Here is a link to Sign-Up Genius.

Here is a link to Sign-Up Genius.

A single click on a button below will either download or open the form that you need.  Save the form in your "My Documents" folder.  You can print the blank form and fill it in by hand, if you like.  However, many of the forms are fillable on your computer.    You will need to bring the completed forms to your Registration Confirmation appointment.  If you are out of town or are unable to come in during the week of July 24th – July 28th to confirm your registration, you may email your completed forms to  If you need help doing this, call Mrs. Candy Lodato at 813-935-0232.


Please plan ahead to get your child’s Annual Physical, Athletic/Sports Physical (only if your child is in Intermediate, Jr. High Prep or Jr. High and interested in team sports), and updated Immunizations Form, if needed, so you will be able to turn these in at your appointment, also.  If you are not sure if your child needs a new physical or immunization form, please call Mrs. Candy Lodato at 813-935-0232 or email

    each button has information above it that indicates which students need it.  if you are not sure that you need it, please call the office.


this form is only For students who will have an inhaler at school for Asthma:

IMPORTANT:  It must be filled out and signed by child’s physician.

This form is only For students with severe allergies who will keep an Epi-pen in the office:

IMPORTANT:  It must be filled out and signed by child’s physician.

This form is only For diabetic students:

IMPORTANT:  It must be notarized.

this form is only For students who need to take over-the-counter medication occasionally (for headaches, etc.) or prescription medication on a temporary or as-needed basis (e.g. Tylenol, antibiotics, nebulizer treatments):

This form must accompany the medication in its original container and any special equipment.

this form is only For students who will attend extended day. 

this form is only for students interested in participating in team sports after school. students must be in levels intermediate, junior high prep or junior high.

A Sports Physical is required with the Physician's signature on page 2.

this form is only For parents who would like to volunteer at school functions involving students during school hours:

( For example:  chaperone on a field trip)

The following informational documents are also available for download but are not necessary to turn in to the school.  they are very important for all parents to read.