Parents / Guardians must attend Confirmation of Registration, which will take place July 24th through July 27th.  Each of you will have a 20-minute appointment with Mrs. Denise Dwyer in the office to review all of your remaining paperwork, any outstanding items that are needed to complete registration, and any remaining balances that need to be collected from the previous school year, as well as any remaining fees for the current school year.  New parents: you may also use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our school rules and procedures. 

Click on the button below to sign up for a Confirmation of Registration appointment.

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If you are not able to come in for any of the dates and times offered, please call the school office as soon as possible to make an appointment at a more convenient time.  It will need to be before the first week of school.

Before coming to your appointment, you will need to complete some additional forms which are now available.   The forms are listed below on a series of buttons.  Read the information above each button carefully.  Some forms need a Physician's signature, some need to be notarized.  Click on a button to open or download a form.   You may print the blank form and fill it in by hand or, if the form is a fillable document, you may complete it on your computer.   Please bring your completed forms to your Confirmation of Registration appointment.   

each form button has information above it that indicates which students need it.  if you are still not sure if you need a particular form, please call the office (813-935-0232).


you will need one (1) prescription medication authorization form for each PRESCRIPTION medication to be administered at school, INCLUDING AN INHALER. 

the prescribing doctor's signature is required on each prescription medication authorization form.  

This form is only For students with severe allergies who will keep an Epi-pen in the office:

IMPORTANT:   It must be filled out and signed by the child’s physician.

Please provide the Office Staff with your child's Emergency Care Plan.

This form is only For diabetic students:

IMPORTANT:  It must be notarized.

Please provide the Office Staff with your child's diabetic treatment plan.

this form is only For students who plan to attend the extended day program.