The elementary and junior high age children attending Morning Star School are typically of average or above average intelligence.  Yet, they usually have one or more diagnosed learning disabilities that make it more difficult for them to receive, process, store and respond to information.  Some students also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which makes it harder for them to concentrate and focus on specific tasks.


Please help us provide the resources listed at right to assist our teachers, students and staff.   Where possible, an approximate cost for the item(s) requested is noted.  Thank you to all who help us obtain these much needed resources.


*Cara's Lemonade Stand*

 Last year a 4th grade student named Cara at Morning Star School had a lemonade stand. She made $43.38 and decided to give all of the money to Morning Star School for scholarships. Why? Because she wanted to help! Upon hearing the story, a supporter of Morning Star School, Mr. Burton Odom, wrote a letter to the school. He promised to write a check each month for Tuition Assistance in the amount of $43.38. He wondered “Are there thirty more people who can join me? Are there even more people who can at least make a single donation of $43.38? Is the education at the school so important? Is the environment at the school so special that it must be shared?” Cara thinks it is. Surely the bucket will not be filled, it will overflow.”

Thanks, Cara and Mr. Burton for sharing your gifts with us!
Please support this scholarship fund by
matching Cara’s donation today.