Here's what our families, alumni and others have to say about Morning Star School Tampa!

Graduating Class 2019

Graduating Class 2019

*From a parent of current student:

  1. “Ethan has thrived under their care. He now enjoys school, loves his teachers and says “they make me feel smart”.
    He is calmer and more independent and for the first time in his academic career I feel comfortable and secure with the team taking care of him. After observing members of the faculty these last several weeks it is evident that all children are treated this way. From drop off to pick up it feels as if these children are surrounded and lifted up with love and caring that I have never experienced before. Please know what a blessing and stellar staff you have in this school. The experiences they leave with both children and families are truly a blessing from God and we are so grateful to be a part of this.”

*An email to Mrs. Odom from a USF Student completing observations at Morning Star School this year:

"....Your school is a gem and the people inside are even more spectacular. I feel very lucky to have gained the experience I did. From the little time I spent there, I was amazed by how attentive and personalized the instruction was. Each teacher I observed continuously went the extra mile to inspire and instill confidence in the students. I am so grateful for your staff. Ms. Robles’ classroom management is something I plan to use in my future classroom.  Mr. Starowicz and Ms. Lopez even went as far as to introduce me to the kinds of technology used in classrooms. Ms. Snyder’s students seem to admire her, and it’s easy to see why. Your students continuously brought a smile to my face. 1st-3rd grader Jacob was a shining light, as was 6-8th grader Ana. The two students embodied the principles of your school and inspired me to consider specializing in special education. I am leaving your school with so much excitement for my future as an educator…."

*Tina M, Class of 1996, shared this on Facebook and then emailed it to Mrs. Odom:

“Teacher-friends of mine - you are underpaid and underappreciated!  If I close my eyes, I can still see the teacher that taught me to read, and it's not just because she had Alice's triangle hair (from the Dilbert cartoon).   It's because even though I was awful, ….. (I would screw the nose pieces off my glasses so I couldn't ‘read’, and she would tape them up so they wouldn't cut my face and continue the lesson) ….  she didn't just pass me to the next grade or put me in the back of the room.  She taught me to read.  I could not thank her enough.  She will never know that to this day when I pick up a book to read, I think of her.  And yes, I now read novels.  You make a bigger difference than you are ever given credit for, teachers.  I thank you for dedicating your life to helping other people's children grow and develop.  It simply amazes me.”  Tina continues, “....The teacher that taught me to read was Mrs. Barnwell, Mr. O'Brien changed the world for me; Mrs. Rey and Ms. Daly (Odom) were more than just teachers to me.  I cannot thank you enough.  Morning Star made a huge impact on who I am today.”

*From a Parent of a 2016 graduate:

“The kindness and grace you and your team have shown “our daughter” and our family over the years is beyond touching.  Honestly, it has been life changing.  We were lost in many ways when we happened upon Morning Star.  
Oh the things that we have learned academically, spiritually, and as a family.......” 

Comments from a recent school survey of parents...

A true blessing to our family

The bottom line is that this is a wonderful school, and it provides an atmosphere and
environment which cause a lot of children to flourish.

Morning Star School gets 10++++++

My son has excelled in the past year in both academics and spiritually - Thanks for Morning Star School!

Faculty and staff are the most patient that I have ever dealt with compared with other schools.

Graduating Class of 2016

Graduating Class of 2016