Morning Star School is a Catholic Diocesan school which challenges students with learning disabilities and other related difficulties to succeed at their optimal level while creating readiness for growth, service and sharing God’s love in the global community.

Morning Star School is an environment where each student’s uniqueness is valued. The student’s self-esteem is enhanced in a nurturing, supportive setting that provides opportunities for students to grow spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.


“Morning Star: A safe and caring school where each student is valued
and his or her uniqueness is celebrated.”


            Morning Star School, a Catholic Diocesan school, is dedicated to providing a successful learning environment for the student with learning disabilities and related difficulties.  In partnership with parents the student is encouraged to develop spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

            Morning Star students are encouraged to develop a personal active faith, through prayer and worship.  The school strives to develop students who will become witnesses to the principles of the Gospel.  As a member of a vibrant faith community, the students are encouraged to reach out to others in service following the example of Jesus.

            Morning Star School believes that each student needs to understand that he/she is an important person who is lovable and capable of loving.  The student with unique educational needs must have them met on an individual basis in order to achieve his/her maximum potential.  The opportunities for growth and success are presented within a structured setting, so that each student can learn to value himself/herself and his/her accomplishments.


We believe all children are special and unique children of God that deserve a caring, loving, safe, and supportive place to learn.

We believe that Morning Star Catholic School uses God's love and our Catholic identity to build up our students, foster a love of learning, promote self-worth, and instill self-advocacy that leads to success.

We believe it is our mission, with guidance from our Loving Father, to help each student reach his/her full potential - mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that Morning Star School’s mission is to find each student’s unique way of learning, make accommodations, and to continually challenge each student to succeed with appropriate levels and methods in a loving caring environment.

We believe teachers at Morning Star are faith-filled and are used as instruments that produce successful students.

We believe Morning Star is a school that reflects God's love modeled by faculty and staff as the example of how to live a life with patience, understanding, and consistent, loving boundaries.

We believe in the potential of the God-given talents of all people with differing abilities.

We believe in fostering and celebrating the uniqueness of each child.

We believe that in creating a safe and positive atmosphere we pave the way toward the success of our students.

We believe students of Morning Star Catholic School receive the support and encouragement to feel capable and successful as students through unconditional acceptance, giving them wings to fly.

We believe Morning Star gives students, families, and the community hope for the future.